Corns and calluses

Calluses are areas of hard skin that can build up anywhere that there is friction on the feet. This can be caused by shoes that rub, sock seams, the way you walk or sometimes hormonal or congenital factors. 

Calluses are generally painless and are the body’s way of protecting the delicate, deep layers of skin underneath. There are risks associated with ignoring them and they can cause pain. Diabetic patients or people who have poor circulation may be particularly vulnerable if the skin becomes dry and cracked. This increases the chances of infection and requires urgent attention.

Corns are usually very painful because they grow inwards and press on the underlying nerves. They can occur anywhere on your feet, especially if hard skin is allowed to build up. It is likely that you will want your corns treated urgently for your own comfort!

Both of these common foot problems are easily dealt with. But, to prevent them reoccurring, we also need to look at what is causing them and discuss what you can do to remain mobile and pain free.  

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