Nail trimming and filing

General advice on proper toenail trimming is that toenails should be cut straight across. In many cases, this will prevent problems with the toenail. But everyone is different and this method may not be the best for everyone.  

As we get older, our toenails can change shape. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but is very common. In these cases, trimming the toenail straight across can result in sharp corners of the toenail digging into the skin. In these cases it can be better to slightly round the corners of the toenail, either when they are being cut or using a file. This will relieve pressure on the skin, keep the toes more comfortable and can prevent complications.

As a qualified Foot Health Practitioner, I offer a toenail-cutting service to ensure that your nails are cut and filed to avoid problems. Older people can find it increasingly more difficult to cut their toenails for various reasons including poor dexterity and failing eyesight.

Unfortunately, the NHS is cutting back on nail cutting services. As this is so important for your comfort and mobility, we can set up regular appointment to have your nails cut every 6–8-weeks. This will avoid the pain, inconvenience and discomfort caused by long nails that can catch on your skin, make holes in your socks or tights and make wearing shoes painful, leading to further complications.


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