A bit about me

Beverley Hague MCFHP MAFH Dip FH

My name is Beverley Hague. I’ve been lucky enough to have an interesting and varied career, including work with people with traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities and mental health problems. Most recently, I’ve been a front-line worker with the London Ambulance Service. I also spent several years – by way of a complete contrast – training and working as a chef.

The common thread running through my work has been that I care about people’s wellbeing and enjoy helping them to get pleasure from life and fulfil their physical and mental potential. Jobs that involved standing for long periods – sometimes in heavy, safety footwear – or rushing around in a hot kitchen over a long shift, have taught me firsthand the importance of good foot health. Our feet serve us well throughout life – they deserve to be cared for.

As I get older, I’ve learned how feet become more vulnerable to the stresses we place on them. This realisation is what developed my interest in the subject of foot health and foot care and led me to train as a Foot Health Practitioner with the SMAE Institute. 

For your peace of mind
• I follow Covid-19 safety precautions
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• I’m fully insured
• I’m DBS checked


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