Covid-19 update

Although we are in the recovery phase of the pandemic, I continue to follow safe working practices and the advice issued by Public Health England. I aim to minimise the risk of infection in my practice and to make it as safe as I can for all my patients as well as for me! I am also fully insured.

Minimising the risks and making us all safe

  • All my equipment is sterilised in an autoclave and stays sterile until use.
  • I employ the strictest infection control procedures – as a key worker in the NHS, I understand how important this is.
  • I use disposable PPE (personal protective equipment), masks, gloves and aprons that are disposed of after each visit.
  • I can supply you with a mask if you’d like to wear one during your treatment.  
  • It is necessary to use some of my equipment patient-to-patient (for example, my foot tray, and leg rest). These are decontaminated after each patient and I allow time between visits to carry out these important procedures.
  • Although it is not possible to fully socially distance during treatments, the fact that I am working on your feet enables me to maintain some distance from your face, reducing the risk of transmission.
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