Role of a Foot Health Practitioner

I have been trained to a high standard at SMAE Institute.A well respected training school operating for over 100 years, its courses are affiliated with Queen Margaret’s University in Scotland. I have received a Diploma in Foot Health which allows me to look after your feet up to a certain point, and my skills and the treatments I offer are often all that is needed to keep your feet healthy and pain free.

I think it is important that I am completely transparent in what I can offer to my patients and so with this in mind I’d like my patients to know the difference between a podiatrist or chiropodist and a foot health practitioner. My scope of practice has limitations and I don’t want patients to attend appointments with unrealistic expectations, and so the difference isn’t just the price of treatments!

Your initial appointment can take anything up to an hour and sometimes longer to ensure that I get a good patient history, carry out a proper assessment, including a neurovascular assessment where I can get a baseline of the health of your feet and then carry out your first treatment. This second appointment will take from 30 to 35 minutes.  

The initial appointment is longer than follow up appointments. I am passionate about providing a service based on trust, quality, value and convenience.

Failing sight, dexterity, increase in weight and loss of mobility can all have an effect on managing routine nail care, which we once could perform without difficulty. Carried out incorrectly this can sometimes lead to major foot problems, pain and a decrease in mobility. If your are a patient who is considered to be in the high risk catagory then simply cutting your toenails incorrectly can cause serious problems leading to infections, pain and again mobility difficulties or in extreme cases loss of digits!

I have over 30 years of experience in the caring sector working in both Suffolk and inner city London working with a wide range of needs and disabilities. Being front line in London with the ambulance service has brought me into contact with people of different ages and needs. Dealing with people in crisis has enable me to become more aware and sensitive to the needs of others and made me more resilient and so nothing fazes me.

I am trained to carry out nail cutting and a whole host of other foot health services within the comfort of your home, at the clinic or at a care or nursing home setting at your convenience.

If your treatment is out of my scope of practice then I will refer you on to other healthcare professionals to ensure that you get the correct treatment to meet your specific needs.  

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